Razors Waves Records ( Association )

is an independent Label founded by W.Nicolas and M.Duc B in 2021.


After several years spent as an Underground producer in the US Hip Hop world, he decided to found his own structure of producers (Beatmakers) in order to develop and develop his passion. At the same time, M.Duc.B, passionate about photos and graphics, joins forces with Intifada Beats so that they can both be 100% autonomous in their respective work.

Razors Waves Records is a label exclusively dedicated to targeted listeners, who come out of the classic standards thrown at us by formatted radios and televisions.


We always try to surprise and make our listeners travel so that they can have fun in a sound universe in which they could find themselves.


- "Intifada Beats" sound design

- "M.D.B" graphic design

- D.A. "N.Wilfried & M.Duc B"